Artist Opportunity: Off the Wall

Seeking to create gallery spaces that center human connection and radical joy, Painted Bride’s Off the Wall exhibition would like to create “extroverted” environments that are designed to encourage conversation between strangers, artists, and people who’ve traditionally been excluded from galleries.

The work curated would include interactive art, game art, and performance art – or any art in general that has interactive elements. There may also be a “host” or “MC” who can facilitate interaction, such as a performance artist or drag performer. This project is still in the early stages, and we’d love for it to be shaped by you and all the other artists that will be working with on the project.

Budget Info: At this moment, the Painted Bride can offer $1,500 to each individual artist who participates in this project. This fee includes not just the budget for materials/resources, but also whatever you would like to pay yourself for your work. Ultimately, the money is for you to do with as you please.

Process & Timeline: Our Program Committee has decided that we would like to have a process where folks from the pool of people we reached out to submit a proposal, followed by a selection process from the committee itself. We currently have a deadline of Nov. 15th, 2021 for this proposal, with an opening and closing weekend on May 7th/8th and 14th/15th of 2022. However, these times can change based on the needs of the cohort.

Do you know anyone who might be a good fit for this project? Let us know, or feel free to send this page to any other artists you know! You can feel free to reach out to if you have any questions about this project.