Hannibal Lokumbe: The Unveiling of The Saints

At this ceremony, the renowned artist Mr. Steven Prince will unveil and discuss nine of his newly created works. These works are the direct results his collaborations with Hannibal Lokumbe as he composed Crucifixion Resurrection-Nine Souls A Travelling.

Souls of Black Folk III: The Sisters Are Alright

A multidisciplinary group of Philadelphia artists have been working together since Fall of 2016 to create new work inspired by Tamara Winfrey Harris’ book The Sisters Are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America.

Secret Show: Maryruth (Mr) Stine

How do we stay human? The alternative universe created in Mr’s Secret Show will move through time and space in a bizarre, surprising, and incredibly sincere experience that will take over the entire Bride space — even places audiences have never been allowed before!

“AWO”: West African Dance & Drum Musical Play

“AWO” (ah-wo) which means secrets in the Yoruba language of Nigeria follows Fèyísàrá at the primordial stages of discovering her destiny (ayanmo). Fèyísàrá travels back home after 2 years of learning awo (the secrets) of long life and enduring prosperity from her elder (orisa), Olokun.

Secret Show: Tommy Butler and Nell Bang-Jensen

Every fourth Monday of the month, Secret Show invites emerging and esteemed local artists to take over the Painted Bride stage and produce the hour-long artistic experience of their dreams. The catch? You can’t know any details about the show until the lights go down and the curtain rises!

The Bitter Game

Basketball, block parties, traffic stops, learning how to survive while Black in America. Wallace takes us on a ride through North Philly on a night he won’t forget.

Taalam Acey presents WordCraft

Taalam Acey, Sunni Patterson, 13 of Nazareth, Narubi Selah and Lamar Hill are five of the world’s best known, gifted and refreshing spoken word artists. Their combined credits include film, major media, HBO’s Def Poetry Jam plus decades spent mastering the craft of performance poetry.

Dance with the Bride: Fool’s Night Out

This fundraiser will feature a magical, whimsical, mischievous evening with a feast, open bar and cocktails, auction, raffle, and dancing to the earth shaking rhythms of PhillyBloco.

Secret Show: Josh Campbell

Josh Campbell conjures a world in all three of the Bride’s main spaces that confronts the challenges of Black and brown people in Aleppo, Baltimore, Charleston, and beyond.

Secret Show: Doug Greene

Imminent death looms large in Doug Greene’s Secret Show. It’s no secret that everybody dies, but what Doug plans to reveal might just take your breath away.

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