Bridal Salon Play-reading : How Insensitive


How Insensitive
Written by: James L. Cook
Directed by: Connie Norwood

We hear WAYNE and his younger sister, NICOLE arguing in the lobby/waiting area of the hospital after WAYNE’S ex-girlfriend, MARSHA’S near-fatal pill overdose. NICOLE believes WAYNE’S white trophy-wife AMANDA, married him for the convenience that money affords one, and her goal is to attain wealth for herself and her family members. We know that AMANDA is up to no good when we hear her talking on the phone with her “Dad” after having just returned from an extravagant Christmas gift shopping spree. “I know, Daddy, what we’ve agreed to, but I’m calling the shots, not you…”Unbeknownst to her, WAYNE is in the bedroom and over hears her conversation. When he confronts her about it, she plays it off by accusing him of eavesdropping in on her private conversation. FUSHY, NICOLE and TAMIKA ask the question “Do high-profile black athletes feel challenged by professional, college educated black women? When marrying a white cheerleader, a topless dancer, or video model is their choice instead of “HIS” own woman. Where did that come from?” Even so, the black woman’s wounded pride and feelings of being deserted by her man won’t let her call him out. She still feels that she has to protect him…as always.
*Next up: October 5th | Hypocrisy the Anti-sex Mystery written by Lisa Wilson

The Bridal Salon is a play-reading series that takes place twice a month on Wednesdays. The series was created to support the ever growing Philadelphia theater community.  Actors, directors, playwrights and theater enthusiasts can all benefit. The Bridal Salon showcases 2 one-act plays or 1 full-length piece each evening.  Audiences will have the chance to engage the directors, playwrights and actors in discussion about preparation and writing processes, inspiration, and character development.

Wednesdays –  10/5, 10/19, 11/2, 1/11, 1/25