Bridal Salon Play-reading: “Smell the Power”

MONDAY FEB 7 | 7pm

“Smell the Power”
Written by: Levy Lee Simon
Directed by: Larry Moses

Smell the Power is a contemporary family drama set in Queens NY, that explores the inherit generational and social/political problems in many of today’s Black families, that extend to the larger society and effect us all. Korina Davis, 68, a retired educator is preparing for her eldest son Kenneth to come home from prison where he was a political prisoner for fifteen years. Her other three adult children, two boys and a daughter are living very different lives. Carlton is a very successful CEO but still suffers from middle child syndrome. He sees America as a place of opportunity and is living the America Dream, house, two cars, three children, a white wife and a 42K. Teresa, the only girl is recently married to a police detective only to find out that he is investigating more than murder cases. Still trying to figure out her life things are further complicated when her older brother ‘s political beliefs challenges her relationship to the status quo. Jeff the youngest is living the thug life on the street making fast money again against everything the family believes in. Jeff’s street life activity infiltrates the Davis fragile family dynamics and creates a life and death situation that can only be resolved by the love of Momma Korina and her extraordinary power of lover. ” Smell the Power” …..of Love.


Korina Davis  – Zuhairah McGill
68 – African American. A retired proud mother of four adult children. She is a proud headstrong woman with class and dignity and though she is well educated she remains a down to earth and very real. She loves her children and family more than anything in the world. Second is the New York Mets.

Shirley Wilson – Meryl Brown
61 – African American. Shirley is Korina’s sister in law. Shirley was once a party girl and life of the party. She is still very attractive flaunts it from time to time. Not quite is refined as Korina, Shirley says what’s on her mind. She loves her sister-in-law, niece and nephews deeply.

Kenneth Davis – Tobi Gadson
40 – African American. A former member of the New Nubian Revolutionaries has just been released from prison where he spent 15 years as a political prisoner. He is still very political though some people think his cause is dated. Loves his family.

Carlton Davis –  Richard Bradford
38 – The second of Korina’s children. He is a very successful CEO for Chuck Full of Nuts. He is living the American Dream and has no time or concern for causes or issues. Suffers from typical “middle child syndrome.”Loves his mother.

Teresa Davis Ali – Karen Waller-Martin
35 – The only daughter of Korina and only married child. She is a woman still trying to figure things out, bridging the old school with the new, not knowing weather to run or stay. Loves her family.

Jeffrey Davis – Raheem Palmer
30 – The youngest son. Seems to have lost his way to the streets, and has made some bad decisions. He is a bundle of energy. Loves his family.

China – LaNeshe Miller White
27 – Jeffrey’s girlfriend. Ghetto superstar. Attractive and ghetto fabulous.

Hassan- Andre McCall
35 – Teresa’s husband. He is a policeman trying to save his marriage and fit in with a family where he is suspect.


Next up: February 16, 2011 – “Sheltered” by Mark Wolverton, directed by Denise Shubin

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