Bridal Salon Playreading – “The Waiting Room” & “Will Clark Step Up to Bat?”


Play # 1: “The Waiting Room: An Oocyte Prelude for Three Voices and Piano”
Written by: Debra Leigh Scott

Three women in the waiting area of an exclusive oocyte cryopreservation lab on the Upper East Side.  Ashley is a newly hired lab assistant, doing intake and client advising.  It’s her first week.  Heather is a new patient, uncertain of the procedures and wisdom of this process, but in her early 30s, worried that she will never meet and marry someone in time to be fertile.  She doesn’t want to have babies with birth defects, and is very worried about the quality of her reproductive system and her eggs as the years go on.  Marina is visiting for a very specific reason.  Today is the 21st birthday of her frozen eggs.  She is long past menopause and can no longer give birth to these “babies”.  Now, too, she is facing a terrible diagnosis and surgery which she may not survive, which means she has to make a decision about the fate of her eggs.  Does she give the lab permission to thaw them and let them die?  Does she donate them to science?  Or might she find someone to adopt them?  Today is the day she has to make the decision.

Denise Shubin as Marina Saburova
Joniece Abbott-Pratt as Heather Dunn
Gina Martinelli as Ashley Cline


Play # 2: “Will Clark Step Up to Bat”
Written by: Chris Davis
Directed by: Ed Miller

Will Clark Step Up To Bat? is a one-act comedy about a boy’s obsession with the great ball player Will “The Thrill” Clark. When Chris accidentally steals Will Clark’s baseball hat, the balance of the World Series is threatened, and thus, the fate of the entire world.

CHRIS — Thomas Choinacky
BILL — Randy McCann
MOM — Jen MacMillan

Next up: March 16th = “Sister Sex” written by Pat McGeever

The Bridal Salon is a play-reading series that takes place twice a month on Wednesdays. The series was created to support the ever growing Philadelphia theater community.  Actors, directors, playwrights and theater enthusiasts can all benefit. The Bridal Salon showcases 2 one-act plays or 1 full-length piece each evening.  Audiences will have the chance to engage the directors, playwrights and actors in discussion about preparation and writing processes, inspiration, and character development.

Wednesdays –  3/2, 3/16, 4/6, 4/20, 5/4, 5/25