Bridal Salon Playreading: “Rise and Walk” and “True Stories”

Bridal Salon Playreading Series
Wednesday, May 2
$5 | Free food , drinks and dessert


Written by: James Tolbert III
Directed by: Donovan Hagins
Actors: Andre N. Jones, Richard Bradford, Eduardo Nelson and Sekia

Recovery is a day to day, minute by minute process. But in order to begin healing, we must confront our demons. Rise and Walk, an original One Act play,  is one man’s journey to self and re-discovery of the power within us all.


Written by: Amelia Longo
Directed by: Alison Garrett
Gillian Grassie, Liz Filios and Tara Demmy

“True Stories” is a memoir performance that tells the story of a woman struggling with the ideas of truth and expectation in a relationship and in love.  It drills down into her experiences to explore the idea of multiple perspectives in one individual, how a story is carved out as it happens, and how there is no one true story.  Different versions of the same events are told and retold through different lenses — all are true, yet all are distinct.  Taking direction from the line “The true story is vicious and multiple and untrue after all,” in Margaret Atwood’s poem “True Stories,” it is an active search for truth in a world of multiple possible truths.