Creative Strength Swap

Event Schedule

Jan 1, 1970
12:00 AM

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$10 Material Fee

organized by Small But Mighty Arts and Artistic Rebuttal

Local creatives looking for an alternative to traditional funding and resource models – look no further! At the Creative Strength Swap you can offer your skills, knowledge and time in exchange for helpful resources from other participating creatives to complete a project or goal. Past participants have swapped skills in web design in exchange for photography skills, or resume writing in exchange for volunteer work.

The day-long event will include an expert panel of artists and arts leaders speaking about their experiences and the strength of creative partnerships. Swap participants will then attend helpful planning sessions to identify their transferable skills and learn how to create a successful resource swap partnership. After lunch, attendees will participate in an interactive swap activity to identify potential partners and begin the first steps in the process. Coaches will be on hand to help groups work through feasible agreements and offer their knowledge and expertise throughout the process. Participants will also receive a list of helpful resources and have the opportunity to connect with local resource-based organizations during the day.



Small But Mighty Arts provides artists with the “spark” they need to continue or complete projects, maintain their creative momentum and put more of their work into the community by awarding resource- and project-based micro-grants as well connecting them to additional resources at critical points in their creative careers. These resources serve as a catalyst by which artists can continue to create, connect and thrive here in Philadelphia. Learn more at


The Artistic Rebuttal Project’s mission is to provide an outlet for anyone to share their arts experience in an effort to advocate on behalf of creative careers, respect for artists and their rights, arts education and arts access. We serve anyone who recognizes the artistic/creative process as a multi-faceted, productive, valuable process; appreciates the arts on any level and wants to share their reasons for loving the arts with the world. Learn more at