Day of the Drum Parade

Come on out and join the parade!

The Bride’s seasonal spotlight on drumming traditions of the world kicks-off this year with Day of the Drum – a modern day procession driven by polyrhythmic sounds of the local drumming community and fueled by enthusiasm of Bride friends and followers as well as the general public.

The parade participants will meet and perform briefly at the corner of 5th and Arch at 4:30 pm. The procession is scheduled to reach the intersection of 4th and Market to perform briefly again outside the PNC Bank. The procession will then continue down Market street make a left on 3rd street continue to Vine street, then right on Vine to its final destination 230 Vine street at approximately 5:30pm.

The parade will be led by established drumming network circles including members of the Cuban bata ensemble Shaworo and Cuban carnival ensemble Comparsa (samba battery tba). Along the way tweet to the beat, and check-in on Facebook and Foursquare at the parade’s stopping points!

Parade participants will receive a 30% off coupon for Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra upon the parade finale.

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