Defining Lines: A community storytelling project

Julia Katz Terry

Defining Lines: A community storytelling project

When: April 15 – May 25, 2023

Where: Free to view – In the storefront windows of the Painted Bride building (5212 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19139)


In Fall 2020 and Winter 2021, through an Art and Change grant from the Leeway Foundation, Julia Katz Terry partnered with Educators for Consent Culture and Healing Our Work to host story circles and creative workshops. Co-facilitated by Nuala Cabral and Preeti Pathak, participants shared their experiences navigating boundaries and consent in relationships, at work, and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The stories offered affirmation and solidarity, and highlighted a culture where maintaining the status quo often comes at the cost of wellness, rest, joy, pleasure, and safety. Julia invited participants to explore boundaries in the form of drawing and haiku to reconnect with how yes and no feel in their bodies. Her hand cut paper and digital art illustrations reflect on what it feels like to take up our voices and power, and build relationships and systems grounded in care, liberation, and consent. 

Hand cut paper text features poems by workshop facilitators and participants:  Nuala Cabral, Aly Giantisco, Isy Abraham-Raveson, Preeti Pathak, Sarah Kolker, Koren Martin, Emily Skola, Beth Jellinek, Kris Smith, Denali Gillaspie, Natalia Nicastro 

Artist Bio

Julia Katz Terry is a West Philadelphia-based visual artist, facilitator, and mom. Her collage, painting, and paper-cutting explore the personal and collective struggle to  find new ways of being and relating, and aims to notice and honor universal and sacred points of connection. She celebrates rest, sensuality, the natural world, boundaries, and pleasure as resistance and antidotes to the toxic urgency, disconnection from our bodies, and dehumanization of capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy culture. Her art aims to return to the body as a place of joy, pleasure, and abundance. Julia is a Leeway Art and Change grant recipient, and her art was recently exhibited at Collar Work and Stay Home Gallery.



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