Dulsori: Unexpected

Event Schedule

Jan 1, 1970
12:00 AM

Dulsori is a Korean percussion ensemble embodying the festive and soulful elements of traditional Korean music for the modern stage. Comprised of virtuoso multi-instrumentalists, Dulsori has turned the world onto previously little known music of Korea and enthralled the audiences in 53 countries since its inception in 1984. Channeling and reimagining the traditional Korean music repertoire as actors, acrobats, dancers, singers, and storytellers, the members of this extraordinary ensemble deliver the universal message of love and peace.

Hailed by the New York Times as “..traditionalism and spectacle merged in Dulsori.”, the ensemble has performed at prestigious venues such as Edinburgh Fringe Festival, WOMAD Festival, Lincoln Center, Roskilde Festival, and World Music Expo. Their Binari album, released in 2012, was selected Top of the World album (10 best new releases editor’s choice) by Songlines, the UK world music magazine. Equally celebrated at home, Dulsori garnered numerous accolades in Korea with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade recognizing their contribution to spreading Korean culture worldwide and the Korea Tourism Organization selected Dulsori’s World Beat Binari show as the Best Korean Show for Foreign Visitors and launched a World Beat Binari theater in Seoul’s Jongro theater row with over 300 performances.