Co-presented by Sruti, The India Music and Dance Society of Philadelphia
Sat. October 8 | 7pm
$25 in advance, $30 day of show
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Looking for a bite to eat before the show? Philadelphia Chutney Co. will be providing concessions. Expect a sumptuous variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian appetizers including: samosas, mirchi bajjis and pakoras!

Led by famed Carnatic musician Dr. ‘Ghatam’ Karthick, the Heartbeat Ensemble performs South Indian Classical Music with both a deep respect for tradition and an ear for the contemporary soundscape.Headed by ghatam (clay pot) virtuoso and composer Dr. S. Karthick, Heartbeat navigates the vast rhythmic and melodic seas of Carnatic music through highly engaging performances featuring a full percussion section featuring ghatam, kanjira, mradangam and electronics plus violin and keyboards. Let’s fill the house for these remarkable musicians from South India!

Take passage on a sweeping musical journey, this trip to India promises to be a memorable world-class experience.

Melodic instruments such as electric violin/mandolin, digital veena, or keyboard and a percussion battery including Mridhangam, Kanjira, Ghatam and Morsing, together these classical Indian instruments provide a dazzling array of colors and textures, as the players weave intricate rhythmic patterns around one another, improvising their way across vast fields of sonic and emotional space.

Bride concert line-up:

Dr. ‘Ghatam’ Karthick – Ghatam (clay pot), Konnakol (Rhythmic recitation), Vocals
Emabrkanna – Violin

Sathyanarayana – Keyboard

Poongulam SUBRAMANIAN – Mridhangam (double-headed barrel drum)

Sundarkumar – Kanjira (frame drum)

Arunkumar – Electronic drums

The creativity and imagination of the Heartbeat Ensemble make it a group unlike any other drawing from a core of acclaimed artists, gathering its players from among the best   in classical Carnatic music.

Engaging audiences worldwide with sheer instrumental skill and truly dynamic performances, theirs is one of the most exciting and unique programs coming to the Bride this season. Glide gracefully through a colorful landscape of melodic raga notes. Discover the beauties of antiquity in the here and now. Free yourself from physical space and time. Listen to become one with the music. Allow your Chakras to be filled with the joys of simply being.

Dr. S. “Ghatam” Karthick is one of the leading Carnatic instrumentalists in the world today. His skill on the ghatam (clay pot) has brought him across the globe time and again, and he has performed and recorded with some of the finest musicians on the planet, both in traditional South Indian styles and in contemporary film and fusion music projects. Dr. Karthick’s virtuosity and sensitivity as an improviser are matched only by the richness and depth of his compositions—he displays a supreme mastery of various genres and styles, and is in high demand as a clinician, educator, lecturer, performer, and recording artist.

Karthick aims to bring Carnatic music to a wider audience as Pandit Ravi Shankar was able to achieve. “Pandit Ravi Shankar has worked hard to make Hindustani music and the Sitar popular in the West.  We are very inspired by his work and would like to use ensemble ideas like he did to create awareness about Carnatic music and our percussion instruments.  We feel that an ensemble structure is familiar to people in the West and we hope that our music can reach beyond traditional audiences” says Karthik.
Ranjani Saigal, lokvani.com


This program has been made possible with a generous grant from the “Presser Foundation”