September 2 – October 29, 2011
First Friday receptions: September 2 and October 7, 5 – 7 pm

This Fall Painted Bride’s Cafe Gallery hosts InLiquid’s HOPE FOR A BETTER WORLD, an exhibition of works by artist Nikolay Milushev. HOPE FOR A BETTER WORLD features selections from Milushev’s past two collections, Virtual Millennium and World in Distress. In his unique and often chaotic style, Milushev creates complex, largescale works that boldly comment on sociopolitical issues across the globe. Each piece paints a fantastical, surreal visual retort to pop culture and media consumption. Pulling from an extensive pool of influences and iconography, among them referencing the Low Brow Movement, the video game industry, and a certain instinctual viciousness active in our media and society. Most of all, he is intrigued by human nature itself, his work standing as a personal platform for commentary and criticism that remark on these societal observations. This collective body of work intends to shine light on hope itself, reminding us of its glistening possibilities that exist even within times of despair. Milushev inspires hope for our personal development as human beings, hope for our environment, and overall hope for our survival as a species.


Nikolay Milushev, originally from Haskovo, Bulgaria, has paved his way as a conceptual painter who draws aesthetic inspiration from American pop art and surrealist movements. In 2001, he moved to the United States to study at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, followed by participation in exhibitions across the United States in addition to Europe and South America. Milushev currently lives and works in Philadelphia.