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Jan 1, 1970
12:00 AM

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$15 in advance
$20 day of show

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From Abena’s Kitchen:

Steam collard and kale greens mixed with yellow and green bell peppers, spicy red rice and organic tofu marinated in east Indian red curry, fresh garden herbs , deep fried in corn meal.

ILL DOOTS has always been known as a diverse and expansive tribe, but originally they were nothing more than a few teenagers in a jam session: these humble beginnings built the foundation of collaboration that continues to drive ILLDOOTS forward on their journey as artists. ILL DOOTS is a group of individuals with different perspectives who want nothing more than to come together freely, have fun, and make good music with no rules. In 2009 ILL DOOTS began molding their jam session origins into a small dorm room studio project which has since further evolved into a raging live beast of a band featuring: a bassist, drummer, percussionist, two emcees, two guitarists, and occasional appearances from a horn section, other emcees, and singers. The 7+ piece band’s vibe is organic and raw because they draw from a diverse range of backgrounds as individuals, while maintaining a shared musical consciousness. Their live show has become more refined, theatrical, engaging, and challenging with each year of collaboration. ILL DOOTS strives to collaborate with artists from all disciplines; cross-medium collaboration has been a constant source of inspiration and is a staple of the ILL DOOTS experience. It’s not just ILL DOOTS, it’s a whole #ILLMOVEMENT.

Expect a lot of special Philadelphia guests and new music!