Sunday April 27, 2014
Doors 6:30 pm | Showtime 7:00 pm
$20 General | $15 Student
All ticket prices include complimentary CD

Brian Marsella, piano and keyboards | Cyro Baptista, percussion | Jason Fraticelli, bass | John Lee, guitar | Meg Okura, violin | Dan Blankinship, trumpet | Tim Keiper, drums

Brian Marsella’s iMAGiNARiUM hosts a grand celebration and special performance featuring arrangements from their soon to be released debut album chapter one: The Clocks Have Gone Mad. Join Marsella and his cast of extraordinary musique storytellers for an evening of sonic theater, light refreshments from local culinary artisans, and intermission with Philly favorite DJ Frosty.

Chapter one masterfully blends jazzotica, classical, orchestrated jamtronica, ambient, rock and world elements to tell the dynamic and daring story of a clocks journey in a universe where time ceases. From the joyful and rhythmic to the lopsided and absurd and from the sophisticated and polished to the chaotic and rebellious, iMAGiNARiUM leaves no part of the voyage unexplored and without words expresses itself with lucid clarity. Both composed and improvised, every performance is an evocative and unique experience for both the cast and the audience.

Philadelphia born, Brian Marsella is a composer, pianist, educator, casual philosopher and world traveler currently residing in the NYC area. Recognized for his intuitive, virtuosic and fearless approach to improvisatory music, Marsella has become a sought after recording and performing artist and is currently a resident pianist for the National Dance Institute. iMAGiNARiUM is Marsella’s debut as a leader among leaders.

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