Just Act, Go Vote: A People’s Jam on Justice

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Jan 1, 1970
12:00 AM

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 Special Musical Guests: Darien Ebo & friends 

A Forum Theatre Event to grow voter awareness & register new voters

ACTIVATE insight and theatrically debate struggles and contradictions people have with voting. And, you will get a chance to jump into the conflict and practice engaging peers around thorny yet pressing voter & voting issues.

COLLABORATE with one another on developing just action plans to directly tackle the issues in play.

TRANSFORM new insights about seemingly intractable problems into real solutions for change.

LEARN how you can register people to vote.

Now more than ever we are experiencing the visceral impact of the lack of voter turnout in every aspect of our lives. Simultaneously, more people than ever are taking to the streets to demand that the our country live up to its vision as a participatory democracy — even as many elected officials take action to whittle away and curtail our human rights.

Power lies in the voices of millions seen and heard far and wide at marches, in petitions, and via phonecalls, texts and postcards to government leaders

Power lies in the 4 million people who turned 18 this year, and the many other young people who are eligible to vote but have yet to do so.

Now WE need to make this power felt far and wide at the polls.

Power lies in your voice and in your vote.

Remember: elections are about people. Many fought long and hard for the right to vote. Today, we are the people who must fight to keep democracy alive by embracing our foundational right to vote.

Be a Just Actor.

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