Kathryn Borbas – “In Light of the Lens: Withdrawn”

Kathryn Borbas
In Light of the Lens: Withdrawn
(In conjunction with Gas & Electric Arts’ production of Behind the Eye, a play about photographer Lee Miller)

November 2 – December 16, 2012.
First Friday receptions November 2 and December 7 form 5 to 7 pm

Artist Statement:

Kathryn Borbas is a 23-year old photographer and mixed media artist working towards her BFA at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Most of her work conceptually faces her nearly decade-long battle with chronic pain conditions. Exploring the perpetual struggle against ones own body, a journey towards relief from a variety of agonizing sensations, and most of all the complexities of adapting to a life with a pain so awful it never ceases. She creates work as layered and unique as the pain itself. Borbas’ work is almost exclusively made up of self-portraiture, using art as a cathartic means of examining her situation and the limitations of photography itself, describing a condition that is utterly invisible. Creating her own aesthetic language she continually challenges how pain and struggle can be visually represented.