The Korean Cultural Foundation presents Heart of Korea

Event Schedule

Jan 1, 1970
12:00 AM

The Heart of Korea is a feast of Korea’s traditional dance, music and Hanbok fashion show organized by Korean Cultural Foundation and co-presented by Korean School of Southern NJ. The program is organized to appreciate the soft melody and dynamic rhythm of Korean traditional percussion and to give the audience a taste of grace and mystery in Korean dance.

The event opens with “Hanbok, Korean traditional dress fashion show,” then continues to “Samulnori,” “Modeumbuk of Korean percussion,” by Chunseung Lee and Korean School of Southern NJ, Sunyoung Park’s performance of “Dance of Great Peace (Taepyeongmu)”, “Jindo Drum Dance (Jindobulchum),” “Sword dance”, and finally to “Gayageum” and “Gayageum Byungchang” which is very unique forms of Korean traditional music that combines gayageum and vocal music, playing a song while playing the gayageum.​

General Admission : $25

Group of 5 or more (for group tickets, email : $20 each