Let’s make a Ruckus!

Performance Art | November 11 – 12
Let’s make a Ruckus!

Curated by veteran director, playwright,
performance artist, and actor Greg Giovanni
Hosted by Philadelphia’s favorite ruckateers: Greg Giovanni, Madi Distefano and Ricky Paul
8pm | $10 | BYOB | 

A festival of new performance artists – Ruckus is a  celebration of “demanding to be heard” voices. Spotlighting a sassy, snarky, in-your-face line-up of comedic and dramatic performers under 30 seeking the opportunity to scream their angers and fears from the rooftop,  this is not an art happening for the light-hearted or politically polite. Cynics and smart-asses will be standard fare for this performance fest.

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Performance Artists:


The Light Bearer’s Nightmare (a segment of Beware Disembodied Phenomenas!)
website: http://stitchingtentacles.com

The Light Bearer’s Nightmare is a dark poetic fable about a wayfaring trainhopper who discovered an enormous murdered cephalopod in the middle of a desert wasteland. The fable is a segment from Beware Disembodied Phenomenas! a puppet cabaret that seeks to confront modern developments of xenophobia in our society and culture through fantastical ardor and moralistic vigor in a manner playful, poignant, and a tinge disturbing.



Nicole Connor

Holler at the Silence of the Dollar
Participating artists: Beleza- Performance artist, Dj Naked Ape, Visual Projections by Neon Meow
Beleza Video clip –

Holler at the Silence of the Dollar is a powerful performance of passionate long form poetry about money and the culture of convenience. How the economy creates confines of opportunity, buying our silence against the injustices of our system. The poem will be accompanied by live music and projected visuals. Through the dynamism of multiple media performance pieces, it will explore the dichotomies of our failing economy and draw parallels between the fractured culture and the fracking issue currently being fought in the Pennsylvania region.


Found Theater Company

Through physical theatre, dance, music, and puppetry, they will set the folktale in the wasteland of corporate America. Their story will explore money’s destructive power, through the murder of a lonely woman and her desperate children. Rage will flow like a river of blood. Inspired by Latina legend La Llorona, corporate greed, and human lust, a traveling clown troupe presents a fable of rage.

Found Theater Company is a collective established to provide a playground in which the audience and performer may experience and influence the evolution of the theatrical arts. Our mission is to create and share inspired, original, daring, personal, works of theater by means of long term, ensemble-based research and play.

Found Theater Company’s Blog: http://foundtheater.blogspot.com/
Found Theater Company’s Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Found- Theater/121180074585203
Found Theater Company’s Twitter Account: http://twitter.com/#!/FoundTheater
Trailer to Event End.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0NSKsON8eU
Trailer to Tales: http://vimeo.com/14392320


No Face Performance Group

Website: www.nofaceperformance.org
Video Clip

Ever wanna see yourself on TV? Now’s your chance! Deeper than a hall of mirrors, and with lower resolution! No Face’s Installation opens the space between you, yourself, and youtube. But who invited all these other (more pixelated) folks to the party?

Messapotamia Lefae

credit: Peter Lien

photo credit: Peter Lien

Video Clips: http://www.youtube.com/HouseofLefae

“Fragmented Memories” is a multi-media, allegorical dance performance that portrays Sacagawea as a victim of Stockholm Syndrome and equates PTSD psychotherapy to the misrepresentation of history… in breakfast food couture.

Messapotamia Lefae is a contemporary dancer and choreographer, a post-gender character surrealist, and a freelance sartorialist.  Through spectacle, sarcasm, and intellectual seduction, she intends to dismantle the social constructs that discourage gender deviance, neutralize creative self-expression, and perpetuate cultural disenfranchisement.  Messy fled Rhode Island to study at Vassar College, where she performed with the Vassar Repertory Dance Theatre and Kathy Wildberger Dances.  She enrolled in the Professional Training Program in Contemporary Dance at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre.  Messy founded the House of Lefae Post-Contemoprary Dance Company and CDRW Dance Theatre, performs with the Dumpsta Players, was an organizer of the 2011 Phreak N’ Queer Festival, and is now an improv and project dancer in Philadelphia.

Erik Ransom

“Tragic Events” which centers around the story of a young man’s transformation from unassuming Saudi peasant to Post 9/11 shock rocking drag queen.

There are conflicting stories about the origins of Erik Ransom. Some say he was developed by the Soviet Union during the eighties to combat Reagan-era conservatism and to topple the moral structure of the American Superpower. Some say he was deposited on the Earth by an Alien God to spread the religion of Vice to humankind, as its Libertine Idol. Others say he hatched full formed out of a Faberge egg declaring himself Bacchus incarnate and vowing to spread Glamour like a pandemic. Whatever his origins, Erik Ransom has arrived. Look upon his works, all ye mighty, and despair.

Video Clips:
Erik Ransom Promo Music Video for Brat’s “CARRIE”
“Religion is Vice” Video from COMING
Behind the Scenes of “COMING”