Lunch Beat Philadelphia


Wednesday, August 1st
Noon to 2pm | $7
We’ll be dancing for 2 hours – come whenever suits you 😉

Rule #1 of Lunch Beat:  

If it’s your first time, you have to dance.

Lunch Beat is a chance for you and your co-workers to take a break during a long work week and dance the stress out. Take your mind off your job, come as you are, and dance the afternoon away.

Groove to the sounds of DJ NAJ
Pick up burgers and shakes from LOS BURGER TRUCK @LOSBurgerTruck

Lunch Beat is a lunchtime disco craze sweeping Europe and the US. Workers take a break from their day to let loose with their co workers and make new friends on the dance floor. Lunch Beat is an alcohol and drug free environment and a fantastic alternative to eating lunch at your desk. Come be a part of the first ever Lunch Beat Philly!