Lustig Dance Theatre Spring Repertory Performance

lustigdancetheatre (LDT) was established in 2010 by internationally recognized choreographer and director, Graham Lustig. LDT is a vibrant, dynamic contemporary ballet company based in New Brunswick, NJ. The ten dancers of LDT are known for their strength, grace, and powerful storytelling in works that range from jubilant and sometimes comical, to the serene and beautiful. LDT’s Spring Repertory performance at the Painted Bride will feature two of its newest additions to the repertory, Invisible Fields and Wingéd, and a re-staging of Appasionato. Lustig originally created Appasionato in 1992 for the Singapore Dance Theatre. The work, danced to Franz Liszt’s Mephisto Waltz, is being revived for the 2012 Princeton Festival in June to fit the Festival’s Faustian theme, but will enjoy this single showing beforehand. Invisible Fields, a fusion of traditional Irish dances like jigs and reels with ballet, will be accompanied live by members of the New Jersey based Celtic folk band, Trinity. Wingéd explores man’s fascination with flight and connection to all things winged, encapsulating images from angels to airline pilots.  The work was a choreographic collaboration between Lustig, Artistic Associate Bat Abbit, company dancers Laney Engelhard and Norbert de la Cruz, and guest artist Bradley Shelver.

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