Bridal Salon Playreading: The Messiah Complex

Bridal Salon Playreading
Wednesday November 2nd | 7pm
$5 Cash Only at the Door

Written by: Nia Witherspoon

West Philly, 96. Malika wasn’t like the other teenaged girls.  To her, it seemed more like she was growing into a man than a woman.  So she created an alter-ego, named Messiah, a popular b-ball star and aspiring rapper. A passing boy.  Enter her father, drunken on booze, the ghosts of Black Power and his uncanny love for trannies.  Mama too is haunted by exile from marriage and the Movement. When Messiah’s secret is revealed at 16, all comes crashing down, and s/he makes a fatal mistake.  DJ Messiah, 10 years later, must face the repressed memory of this happening over the course of the play through flashback.  Will memory come flooding in like water to wash things clean, or will Messiah make home in the loop of forgetting?  Set to the sound-scape of hip-hop, the ring-shout, and the wailing of ghosts, Messiah must find her way home.