Of An Age/In These Times


First Friday Opening Reception: 5 PM November 3rd

Of An Age/In These Times is an interactive and inspiring visual companion to the BrideNext performance projects. With two unique gallery exhibits and an interactive component by Liz Green, the artists have created an experience that attempts to educate and reflect on the age and time that we are creating and living in.

 ILL DOOTS will mount an installation in the upper gallery that acts as both a selfie booth and a space for self-reflection, featuring a photo booth, video, and acrylic paintings over reflective glass by Jonathan Delgado Melendez. To quote the artists “We are a reflection of all that had come before us. Society is a mirror. If that mirror breaks will we cease to exist?

Alvarez’s portion of the exhibit, entitled So what? Reflections from Community Organizers of Philadelphia,

is a series of portraits by Jeremy Zimmerman. Alvarez and Zimmerman interviewed three millennial organizers in about their life journeys, hopes, fears, and vision for social change. Bethany Welch, Jazmín Delgado, Diana Misdary live and work in between the spaces of activism and academia, neighborhood and institution.

Learn more about BrideNext here and find tickets to the BrideNext Culminating Showcase here.