Experiment A: Crazy Beautiful – Tania Isaac

Experiment A: Crazy Beautiful
November 1 – December 22
First Friday Receptions: November 2nd and December 7th | 5pm-7pm
*No tickets required for entry

With a host of local collaborators, including performers and designers, Tania Isaac will transform the gallery space into an evolving, interactive lab of ideas.

Everything we know seems to shake, erupt, heave and shift in finding balance. Do we? What does it look like when we run into our roughest edges? Who lets us know what we should feel and when? And how did they decide?

The open notebook is a research process that follows ideas from inception to realization, creating a physical pathway through the notes, movement, and conversations they generate. an installation tracing thought as it becomes action. the notebook invites active participation, inviting you to see, perform, listen, comment and create as it frames and houses the most important function of art: the conversation….

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