Peeves PLAYHAUS show feat. Shittystyle

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FREE to the public



Martin Peeves featuring Linda Gonzalez

Opening reception Friday, May 10, 2019 at 5-9pm.

Martin Peeves is an avid Interdisciplinary Artist, Teacher and Social Worker, of Ghanaian descent living and practicing in Philadelphia. He explores his creativity in various mediums and Art forms blurring the lines between Traditional, Contemporary, New Media, African, Outsider Art & D.I.Y Punk aesthetics. Peeves draws, paints, makes prints and tailors his own clothes. He is also a Music/ Sound Artist, Video/Film Artist and engages in Performance Art.

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Linda Gonzalez is a New Jersey born, Philadelphia based artist, avid people watcher and day dreamer. Her work is inspired by pulp aesthetic, passing scenes from everyday life, boredom, Americana and heavy female energy. She looks to create a visual invitation into a different existence through drawings, paintings and mixed mediums.

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This event is FREE and open to the public.




For a sneak peek at what Martin Peeves is cooking, click below: