Bridal Salon Play-reading: Purple Girl

WEDNESDAY, November 10| 7pm

“Purple Girl”
Written by Debra Leigh Scott
Directed by Ellen Podolsky

Jan Michener
Patti Mayer*
Jean Brooks
Robin Silver
Polly MacIntyre
(* denotes member of Actors’ Equity)

A successful young attorney, Jessica Bower, is only a few months away from partnership review at one of the Big Law firms in Manhattan.  She has just been assigned to a high-profile case of a huge multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporate client, Belzicorps, in an on-going class-action suit which is keeping her up nights.  When she begins getting phone messages from someone calling herself “Purple Girl,” she ignores them, until the morning when Purple Girl leaves an old, battered cardboard box on Jessica’s desk.  The box is filled with 35-year old documents stolen from Belzicorps, which clearly show the company’s knowing use of carcinogens.  Jessica learns not only that the mysterious Purple Girl is a fugitive, an activist wanted by the FBI, in an explosion at Belzicorps headquarters 35 years ago, but that her own mother was a member of this same activist group and implicated in the event. Does Jessica betray her mother to save her own career?  Does she betray her client and risk disbarment to save her soul? Purple Girl is a play about memory, secrecy, morality and the kinds of madness created by an unrestricted capitalist culture and the institutions that uphold it.
The Bridal Salon is a bi-weekly play-reading series that was created to support the ever growing Philadelphia theater community.  Actors, directors, playwrights and theater enthusiasts can all benefit. The Bridal Salon showcases 2 one-act plays or 1 full-length piece each evening.  Audiences will have the chance to engage the directors, playwrights and actors in discussion about preparation and writing processes, inspiration, and character development.

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