April 6 – June 3 | 2012
Gallery hours: 12pm – 6pm, Tues – Sat
First Friday Receptions: April 6, May 4, June 1 | 5-7pm

Recipro•city, an exhibition-led inquiry into contemporary practice of communal exchange. The exhibit investigates the notions of the physical, emotional and spiritual act of sharing as an art practice.  The artists come together to present a multilayer art installation transforming the Bride’s Independence Foundation Gallery for the Visual Arts.
Recipro•city is initiated by artist Pepón Osorio in collaboration with participating artists:
Laura Deutch
Coleen Hooper
Leila Macbeth
Charlene Melhorn E
Kiaro Miles
Liz Reynolds
Rachel Schaffran
Kathryn Sclavi
Lee Tusman
Jared Wood
The artists invite the viewer to embody the act of giving and taking, in all its complexity and today’s contradictions. The space will be activated with the artists suggesting situations that invoke the viewer to engage in an exchange that can be consider personal art. Throughout the duration of the exhibit the artists will lead workshops, discussion, CD mixing and other hands-on activities. Exhibition guests will take home sample of the objects in the exhibition to create their own galleries at home and invite other to be part of a similar experience.