Reflections: A Le Josh Exhibit

Receptions: FEB 4 &  MAR 4 | 5pm – 7pm

Reflections: A Le Josh Exhibit
Curated by Anabelle Rodriguez

Curatorial Statement:
Le Josh’s work explores a transcendental space between biology and metaphysics, where molecular intersections coexist. His penchant for illusionistic play with color and cleverly executed geometrical and fractal patterns, allow the viewer to penetrate the surface planes of canvas and wall, revealing the artist’s orchestral take on the reverberating universe through the representation of multiple interstitial dimensions. The resulting visual allegories evoke the “Music of the Spheres” described by Pythagoras and Plato, Kepler’s Harmonice Munde (1619), and esoteric studies on sacred geometry. Pondering the intimacy between geometric and organic shapes, Le Josh takes us on a magical journey between the “micro”/”macro” dichotomy that makes perceptual reality an ever playful surreal possibility.
– Anabelle Rodriguez, Guest Curator

Artist on Artist:
This exhibit is an opportunity for the visitor to enter into the lush, psychedelic world of Le Josh… and here at the galleries of the Painted Bride it forms a model of the universe itself, a delightful blending of Josh’s colorful cosmic imagery in an interior space.  For many years Josh has generously bestowed his vision onto the streets of Philadelphia.  His vibrant images can be seen throughout the city at key locations from backyard fences to highway on ramps.  Indoors it explodes with life splashed across the walls and emerging from them in three-dimensional form and color.  Musical fangs of a 2-headed dragon emanate from the flower of creation with energies spinning across the space, forces of nature that have hitherto shown their faces around town at laundromats, bars & cafes, on the streets gracing empty lots and underpasses. Josh patterns his work on the geometry of these forms  -algorhythms that reflect the city where he lives and plays – a city of row-box/homes repeated infinitely in both directions along a big river, with streets in a grid pattern expanding into personal polyhedrons, and filled to overflowing with giant faces of familiar orange cats and flying pine cone pineal glands.
La planète de Josh.
– Paul Santoleri, Artist

Exhibition Team:
Mike Baker
Tim Cloonan
Micah Danges
Dennis Dougherty
Sean Little
Erika Matyok
Dan Murphy

Reception Team:
Visuals by:
Kelly G Ireland (KGI Media)

First Friday, February 4
Music by: Jeff Bradbury

First Friday, March 4
DJ sets by:
Matt Cue

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