Apollonian/Dionysian: the constraints of freedom

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October 3 | 5pm – 7pm


Tuesday – Saturday
12pm – 6pm

Curated/Conceived by Paul Santoleri

20 plus artists of different disciplines come together to create an exhibit that reflects the ever-returning conflict and struggles that manifest in the creation of any work of Art, and the balance between maintaining a creative practice and being a functioning member of society. The exhibit will include a rotating wall painting that will change during the course of the exhibit.

Artists represented in the exhibit:

Dirk Anschutz (photography) NY

Henry Bermudez (painting) Venezuela/Philadelphia

Peter Gourfain (printmaking/sculpture) NY

Dechemia (sculptural relief)  Philadelphia

Karen Dee Carpenter (photography) Los Angeles

Debra Priestly (sculpture) NY *

Deborah Simon (suspended Sculpture) NY*

Pinkney Herbert (painting) NY/Tennessee*

Tess Bilhartz (painting) NY*

Gorey (drawing/graff) Paris/NY

Josh Smith (painting) Philadelphia

Pawzant (drawing) Philadelphia*

Lu Szumskyj (photo) Philadelphia

Randy Wray (collage) NY*

Beth Clevenstine (installation) NY

Michael Ryan (drawing) NY*

Greg Lindquist (painting/installation) NY*

Alan Crockett (painting) NY/California*

Clara Crockett (painting) NY/California

Lauren Kelly (animation) NY*

Beth Leister (video) Los Angeles, CA

Steven Garr (video, sculpture) Philadelphia

Nancy Stroud (painting) Philadelphia

Michelle Marcuse, Philadelphia/South Africa

Michael Manthey (jewelry) Germany/Philadelphia

candy coated (sculpture) Philadelphia

Leroy Johnson (sculpture) Philadelphia

Craig Stockwell*

Richard Cramer

Carol Markel

*grantees from the SPACE PROGRAM Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation, Brooklyn, 2013-14.