Salsa Caliente Boot Camp – 2012


Tuesday evenings at  7pm and 8pm Beginning September 18th

THIS could be YOU. Join the ranks of these salsa pros and have just as much fun with Maestro Flaco’s instruction.
Boot Camp is an 8-week immersion into the rhythm of Salsa designed to fast track a beginner Salsero into becoming a standout success on the dance floor. Class curriculum is reinforced by interactive homework assignments. YES…homework is assigned! At the end of 8 weeks, you will have the Rueda del Casino or Cuban style moves down pat and all the confidence you’ll ever need to REALLY enjoy dancing to this music next season at the Bride (or anywhere in the world for that matter).


•8 classes of your choice: $100 per student {ENROLL NOW}
• 4 classes of your choice: $60 per student {ENROLL NOW}
• Single classes: $20 per student  {PURCHASE NOW}