Secret Show: The Tuesday Boys

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Jan 1, 1970
12:00 AM

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$10 General Admission

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Toni & Tabby Tuesday

Lighting design by our Technical Emerging Artist Will Jonez

Toni and Tabby Tuesday love work. They love everything about it: the rush hour commute, hours of data entry, meetings, graphs, charts, presentations, troubleshooting, boss check-ins, performance appraisals, the melodic hums of printers & fax machines, the scent of freshly vacuumed office carpeting, and every single detail in-between. Where others may see dull repetition and tedious nine-to-five obligations, The Tuesday Boys see each day of work as an adventure and an exciting, magical exploration of productivity, focus, engagement, and collaboration. Check out their Facebook page for more clues as to what will happen during this psychedelic ride through mid-level mundanity, manifested in audial and visual wonders.

Every fourth Monday of the month, Secret Show invites emerging and esteemed local artists to take over the Painted Bride stage and produce the hour-long artistic experience of their dreams. The catch? You can’t know any details about the show until the lights go down and the curtain rises!


January 23: The Tuesday Boys
February 27: Doug Greene
March 27: Joshua Campbell
April 24: Tommy Butler and Nell Bang-Jensen
May 22: MR Stine and Anna Young