Skins & Songs


Skins & Songs : Spoken Hand Percussion Orchestra meets Phillip Hamilton’s Voices to deliver an evening of original works.
May 10-13, Thurs – Sat. | 8pm; Sun. | 3pm
$25 in advance, $30 day off show

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the universal heart and soul that connects us all.

Revered regionally, respected nationally for their extraordinary live performances, SPOKEN HAND has championed the organic unification of music culture traditions from around the world for 16 years. They compose completely original arrangements and present a unique sound to audiences, “the kind of rhythmic extravaganza you can listen to all day, every day, forever,” hails Philadelphia City Paper.  PHILIP HAMILTON’S VOICES is an a cappella ensemble which presents a natural, masterful merger of international vocal tones and techniques.  These two distinct groups join creative forces to offer audiences a ground-breaking presentation of compositional works inspired by an array of cultural and musical influences.

Check out the preview in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Tabla Dayan      Bayan      Qaida     Peshkar      Rela      Tukra      Tihai     Tintal     Jhaptal     Rupak     Deepchandi    Dhamar       Ektal      Dadra     Keharawal    Mattatal     Drut      Madhya     Vilambut    Delhi      Benares Punjabi     Lucknow gharana      Ajrara gharana      Farukhabad gharana      North India      Pakistan    Djembe dundunba   coucou   lenke   Cowbell      Shekere Kengele Sofa     Sege Sege     Polyrhythms     Flam     Ngoma       Konkoni    Djankadi       Kokou     Shiko     Akiwowo       Doudoumba    Liberté      Sofani    Timiny    Basikolo    Forêt    Macrou     Sokou     Tiriba     Cassa     Fouta     Mandiani     Soli     Yole      Congo      Kakilambe    Rabodaille     Soronolé     Yanvalou    Diansa     Kpanlogo    Sorsornet     Zebolah  Senegal     Mali     Ivory Coast       Guinea    Sierra Leone     Gambia     Camaroon    Malinke people    Afro-Brazilian     Samba Capoeira Candomblé Maracatu       Berimbau        Quica      Surdo      Repinique  Gonguê Carnaval      Surdo       Ganza       Tamborim      Caixa       Malacacheta       Pandeiro      Cuica       Ago-go     Reco-Reco      Chocalho     Rocar      Ganza      Shekere      Timba     Apito Partido alto,  pagode,  afoxe,  samba-reggae Bahia      São Paulo Rio de Janeiro Afro-Cuban   batá Iya     Itótele Okonkolo      Cajon     Congo     Changó     Osain     Babalu Aye     Oyá    Rumba      Comparsa      Orisha       Bembe    Yoruba    Cabildo      Nigeria     Santiago de Cuba Matanzas    A cappella Jazz Scatting    Tuvan throat singing    Congolese mouth-clicking   Balinese monkey chant   Hip Hop beat boxing     Doo-wop     Bulgarian choirs    barbershop quartets     South African miners’   Gregorian chants

CLICK HERE to hear an interview with Philip Hamilton, Lenny Seidman, and Daryl Kwesi Burgee on WDIY 88.1FM


This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.
Skins & Songs has also been supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through the Philadelphia Music Project.

Student and Senior tickets are only available in person or over the phone with valid ID. Please call 215-925-9914

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