SOLSTICE SERIES: Saved You A Plate and woebegone

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ACT ONE by Briyana D. Clarel & The Starfruit Project. ACT TWO by Cianon Jones & Brown Girls Squared.


Briyana D. Clarel’s Saved You A Plate and Brown Girls Squared’s woebegone.
Monday, December 9  | 8pm
$10 advance tickets |  $15 at the door

Arrive early for a Queer Cheer Holiday Fair starting at 6:30pm, featuring vendors, activities, and festive cuteness!

ACT ONE: Saved You A Plate, A new piece about black queer connection and care, intimacy and interdependence, ruptures and repairs, fulfilling food and friendship. What nourishes us and what makes us feel whole. Directed by Briyana D. Clarel, this work-in-progress is devised by the ensemble and co-produced by The Starfruit Project.

Briyana D. Clarel is a young, gifted, and black queer writer, performer, and educator passionate about musical theatre, mangoes, and memoirs. Briyana is the founder of The Starfruit Project, an initiative supporting radical healing and brilliant growth through creativity. They are currently the Creative Nonfiction Editor for Homology Lit, a member of the sketch comedy teams The Rhubarbs and Mural Outrage, and a member of  Ring of Keys.

The Starfruit Project is an arts organization that supports radical healing and brilliant growth through creative writing and performance programs that center queer and trans people of color. Offerings are for practicing artists, budding artists, and anyone seeking support on their journey toward healing and growth.

ACT TWO: woebegone by Cianon Jones, A birthday hits with the wake-up call of a lifetime. Killers, thieves, addicts, cannibals, gurus, and scientists–all these people together in one late-night bakery with serendipity at the helm of it all. Oh, how we end up at the brink.  A precipice of every way life could go onward through the stories we live only in our own minds. Directed by Emilia Amador, this semi-staged production is produced by Brown Girls Squared.

Brown Girls Squared is a platform for the artistic craftsmanship of our creative teams, production teams, and casts. To cultivate authentic multicultural theater one has to look upon the entire collaborative process that produces the artwork. We work to open more opportunities for artists of color to be apart of projects that inspire them and for audiences to experience the passion tales of our stories. We want to share cultural representation and all the dynamics within it, learn with each other how the beauties of our differences are still based in our humanity, and to be seen in stories that reflect all of our experiences. We are more than tokenization and stereotyping for the theater—we are people with our own stories that are often quite similar to yours.