SOLSTICE SERIES: The Jawny Chuckles Show! and I am ther zookeeper

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Bella Main & Rodney Murray


Bella Main’s The Jawny Chuckles Show! and Rodney Murray’s I am ther zookeeper
Monday, December 16  | 8pm
$10 advance tickets  |  $15 at the door

ACT ONE: The Jawny Chuckles Show! Imagine a world where Philly’s DIY comedy scene was represented like the Muppets. This piece explores the tops of laughter, sadness, and laughing through sadness with a series of sketches, stand-up, and groovy tunes. Written by the ensemble, this is a workshopped comedy piece structured as a children’s program, following Jawny on his journey to find his chuckle. Rated PG-13 Directed by Bella Main. Created and Written by Daniel Jones, Bella Main, Phenon Murphy, Mackenzie Maula, Lucky Marvel, Mary Callahan, and The Ensemble.

ACT TWO: I am ther zookeeper by Rodney Murray, With the “Look of a half-dead Brady Bunch” and the “Stage presence of a poorly cut line of coke,” the Wetherbee family is officially touring, and their first stop is The Painted Bride! Come indulge your deepest parental traumas and share your favorite coping mechanism. i am ther zookeeper is a new solo work created by Rodney Murray in collaboration with a creative team. Premiered at The University of The Arts, Fall 2019. *Please note that the work contains themes of violence, sex, BDSM, and full nudity*

Rodney Murray Jr. is a director, creator/performer, and writer (and hopeful mathematician). He is a current BFA, Directing, Playwriting, & Production candidate at The University of The Arts. Avoiding boxes, Rodney is dedicated to creating a hybrid form of storytelling: one that pulls from childhood experiences, mathematics, observes memories to people and places, and examines the emergence of character alongsidethe phenomenon of bodies in space.