Symbiosis: The works of Mi-Kyoung Lee

November 4 – December 18
Symbiosis: The works of Mi-Kyoung Lee
First Friday receptions: Nov 4 and Dec 2 | 5pm – 7pm

The work of Mi-Kyoung Lee addresses complex contemporary human psychology and lifestyle revelations in materialism and superficiality through mix-media sculptures.

Fundamental textile binding and netting processes are used as a progress for the construction of artwork and also as a metaphor for personal and collective connections.

Mi-Kyoung’s wall pieces and sculptural pieces are both exotic and organic while at the same time toxic and distractive. Most works are constructed and composed with plastic materials such as twist ties, zip ties, and artificial flowers, etc. Nature becomes the essential motive to construct the sculptures and installation. For Mi—Kyoung and many artists, nature is an important resource to heal the human obsession of materialism. It is an essential element and constant reminder of these obsessions.

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