Ties that Bind

An Evening of Contemporary Choreography by Nora Gibson Performance Project, Jennifer Morley, and Olive Prince Dance

About the works:


Jennifer Morley – “Bearing Fruit”

Jennifer Morley/Figments’ new work, Bearing Fruit, is loosely based on the Eskimo myth Raven the Creator. This supple and colorful quintet explores and embodies concepts of conception and fruitfulness.

Photo credit: Bill Hebert

Olive Prince Dance “Under Desire”

Olive Prince Dance presents Under Desire with original music composition by Chistopher B. Farrell and lighting design by Guillermo Ortega Tanus.  Under Desire began by asking 100 people what they desire, what they must do before they turn 87, what they are tempted to do, what they crave, and what their passion looks like. Their answers are woven into a choreographic adventure where dancers intwine and relate to root-brown vines hanging from above. Olive Prince performs with Jennifer Rose, Jennifer Morley, Elizabeth Reynolds, and Caitlin Heller.



Nora Gibson Performance Project – “Trinity Project – Phase II

Nora Gibson presents the next phase of this contemplative and technical contemporary ballet inspired by the number 3. Original music score by collaborator mikronesia and re-envisioned light environment designed by Clifford Greer form the creative triad with Gibson for this work for three dancers.


To purchase tickets by phone call: 215-925-9914


Ties that Bind is supported by New Stages for Dance.  The New Stages for Dance Initiative is provided by MetLife Foundation.  New Stages for Dance is a program of Dance USA/Philadelphia.