Tower Viewer Paintings by Scott Schultheis

Tower Viewer
Paintings by Scott Schultheis
September 9 – October 21
First Friday Reception: October 7, 5-7pm.

InLiquid presents Tower Viewer, paintings by Scott Schultheis. Each of the works in Tower Viewer begins with a dream of an interaction between a body and a place in a state of unrest. They are some of the most recent in a series where direct observations and recollections are introduced to the stretch of fantasy. Along the way, painting allows for divergent paths in these scenarios to take shape. Rather than fluidly transcribing one emotional episode after another, each work evolves into its final psychological space through an accumulation of humorous and tragic asides about the central topic that it portrays.

Collectively, Tower Viewer tells a story where disquiet and curiosity share space. When an uneasy experience is incorporated into a picture, the result is a sanctuary to reflect on the permeability of our reality, and to consider how something calamitous or miraculous diverges us from our expectations. In Tower Viewer, as in painting, we emerge from the clasps of our preconceptions.