Visions of The End: Nikolay Milushev and Eric Toscano

January 6—March 25, 2017
Gallery Hours: 12pm – 6pm | Tuesday -Saturday
Curated by Inliquid

Visions of The End is a two-person exhibition of artwork about the End of the World. Nikolay Milushev and Eric Toscano are each responding to deep-seated cultural anxiety about nuclear war, environmental devastation, and the current political climate. Toscano’s work looks back to imagery from the mid-century with bucolic scenes of hikes and picnics upended by cataclysmic disaster. Informed by street art and graffiti, Milushev’s paintings create a character-driven narrative of a not-so-distant dystopian future. Both artists’ work is rooted in contemporary events and serve as both a warning and a cathartic release.

Image: Nikolay Milushev

Eric Toscano