Friday, September 6th – Saturday, October 19th
First Friday Receptions Friday, September 6th, Friday October 4th


Barbara Bickart, Artist








Barbara Bickart’s WHEN is a series of large-scale video installations that explore and challenge the ways that histories of institutionalized racism, poverty and violence persist in our national monuments. It documents the pilgrimage of visitors to national historic sites and landmarks, each specific sites of violence, illuminating the way past incidents continue to have resonance in the present. At each historic landmark, Bickart positioned a stationary camera over a period of months, capturing the “found choreography” of visitors as they entered, lingered in and left the camera frame.



Jonathan Calm, Artist








The “Reconstruction” series combines archival and news photographs of African-American cultural icons such as Lincoln, Malcolm X, Obama, and Trayvon Martin into pairings that synthesize the era from 1865 to the present through a flow of tonal variations on each image. The pictures progressively shift between light and dark to expose affective associations of (mysterious, sinister) black and (pure, sterile) white as an index of people and places that have shaped the country’s historical discourse.