White Art for Black His Story Month, Part III

James Dupree

First Friday Reception • February 2nd 5-7PM

White Art for Black His Story Month, Part III is a body of work centered on James Dupree’s visual experiences and truths as a contemporary African American artist living in Philadelphia. The politically-charged works featured in the exhibit vary in medium and span topics from black identity, to American government, to the true meaning behind Black History Month. From the artist:

“For years I refused exhibitions in February.  My feeling is that there is no such thing as Black art just like there is not such thing as white art.  Art is art made by human beings.  When asked to show my art only during this month I feel it is not only racist but also exclusionary.  However, I have chosen to show my work during February to provoke and educate the viewer about a racist and historical aspect of the art world and bring awareness to the racism of asking Black artists to only show during February.”

-James Dupree
James Dupree



James Dupree is a multimedia artist based in Philadelphia. One of the first African American graduates of the University of Pennsylvania Master of Fine Arts Program, he is often referred to “The Black Picasso.” His works have been presented in galleries and public spaces throughout Philadelphia and permanently displayed at the African American Museum in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Art Museum, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and many more prestigious organizations.