Winged Woman: The Art of Arlene Love and Contemporary Parallels

Arlene Love, KEEBS (Makeba Rainey), Lauren Rinald,i Maria Möller, Phyllis Gorsen, Shaina Craft

Winged Woman revolves around the artwork of Arlene Love, a pioneering feminist artist whose career spans several decades. Throughout the stages of her career, Love has worked with a wide variety of media, including sculpture, drawing, photography, and public art. Thematically, she was often engaged with the nature of the human condition, and as her own role as a woman in society. Her life and work serve as a precedent for young artists and activists today. This exhibition pairs her work with the work of a new generation of women artists, currently working within the same media and thematic range as Love. The exhibition seeks to view Love’s work in a contemporary context, and examine the parallels of the political climate of the 1970’s and 2018.

The exhibition will be activated by engaging programming, including an artist talk with Arlene Love. Winged Woman seeks to establish a connection between the generations in order to build upon a worthy legacy, and inform and empower contemporary women artists.


Artist Talk: Arlene Love on Depictions of Women in Advertisements
Friday, March 23 6-8pm @ The Painted Bride