Independence Foundation Gallery For The Visual Arts

Black Womxn Temporal Portal 

Gallery hours: November 1 – November 28 Wednesday – Friday | 12pm – 5pm Considering the unique, intersectional temporal experiences of Black women, femmes, non-binary …

Clouds in the Kitchen

One Home. Five Decades. Clouds in the Kitchen is a multi-narrative, multi-generational musical piece about the history of a home. Inspired by the history of the Painted …

Peeves PLAYHAUS show feat. Shittystyle

Martin Peeves is an avid Interdisciplinary Artist, Teacher and Social Worker, of Ghanaian descent living and practicing in Philadelphia. He explores his creativity in various …

The “What’s Happening?” Happening!

After a successful First Friday Open House on Nov 2nd, the Painted Bride Micro Residency Artists are gearing up for another showing at 230 Vine …

Danny Simmons: ’92 to Now

92 to Now is a unique, two story exhibit by artist Danny Simmons that spans his visual arts career. The first floor features a walk-through …

Old and Unwise

Old and Unwise is based on a series of images visual artist Steve Byram and musician/photographer Tim Berne compiled for their 2015 art book, Spare. Byram’s drawing are composed digitally from an assortment of source drawings—or “spare parts”—while Berne’s photographs were taken during his spare time while on tour.

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