Mayte Olmedilla is a Spanish artist and transdisciplinary creator that works in gestural, musical and performative stage proposals in which she addresses the self-referential, the family, the popular, comedy, violence and monstrosity. Halfway between a violist, a buffoon, a creator and a dissident, Mayte Olmedilla flees from categorization and seeks a constant artistic resurrection, where she tends to move forward and backward at the same time, walking a fine line between the recognizable and the unheard of. Since 2010 she has been a creator, producer and distributor of various stage proposals, with which she has received, among other awards, the max prize for the performing arts in 2014. She has recently obtained the only fulbright 2023/2024 grant awarded by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain for the extension of artistic studies in the U.S., in the specialty of performing arts to carry out a research project at the Center for the Performing and Cinematic Arts (CPCA) and Boyer College of Temple University, Philadelphia.