Artists Wanted: Bridal Salon Series 2014-2015


W.E.B. DuBois The Souls of Black Folk introduced the ideas of the color line, the ‘two-ness’ inherent in being a black American and in many other American experiences and radical ideas about the experience of being human a hundred years before almost any Americans were ready to consider them. The rants and meditations in the book are extremely relevant to all Americans right now.

This year, the Bridal Salon series for the development of new work at The Painted Bride will gather a group of artists who are diverse in race, age and creative discipline to reflect on the The Souls of Black Folk through discussion, creation and collaboration.


We are seeking 10 to 20 committed participants. Participants should be:

  • Available to commit to monthly meetings throughout the season on the second Wednesday of the month beginning in October.

  • Willing and able to take on a new artistic project individually or in collaboration

  • Have time to cultivate their response work outside of meetings

  • Be available to present work in the mid-season and culminating showcases


Those who are interested in participating should send one or more of the following to LaNeshe Miller-White at

  • an artistic cv

  • Images or clips of past work

  • links to artist website or page

  • an email describing the artist’s work and why he/she would like to participate


Visual artists, dancers, painters, performers, poets and musicians, and artists of all races, genders and ages are welcome and encouraged to contact us! The deadline to for getting in touch is September 1st.