Block to Block (We. Are. Still. Here.)

October 31, 2019

Block to Block

(We. Are. Still. Here.)

Ursula Rucker will be the “Field Guide” for a new community-inspired art/story project in Germantown. She will work with a small group of Germantown residents…over a short period of time…to tell, share, collect and create individual and collective story. A peoples’ story. A neighborhood story. An ode to Germantown.

A huge fan of field recording, Ursula will be incorporating field recording into the story-building process/journey. The sounds of Germantown, as it were. At project’s conclusion there will be a public sharing of the stories at Germantown Espresso in January 2020.

As the blocks and corners and neighborhoods shift and change and go through growing pains the magic of this sacred place remains. Philly. Our stories and voices and ways will be recorded and exalted during this time of swift change. We need to hear and see ourselves in honest beautiful lasting ways…in the midst of change…BLOCK to BLOCK. We. Are. Still. Here. Evolving into the now…out of a rich and unique past…forward to an all inclusive interesting future. A Philly dream come true.