Building an Anthem

May 20, 2020

This post was written by Ursula Rucker, part of the 2020 Cohort of the Painted Bride’s Building Bridges: On the Rise project.

I’m excited about the beginning building of this song/anthem! I took the haiku that i wrote from the last blog entry…and made it into the hook for our anthem/song…and I’m really digging it! My collaborator Miles Orion Butler and I enjoyed just this process of crafting the hook…it’s exciting to build an art something from the ground up. Miles is making a foray into hip hop music production for the first time from working on this project too…that’s what I’m talkin bout!!! Next up…the verses! My two youngest suns and their two best friends are going to be contributing verses…as am I…just can’t wait to see where this bridge takes us! So…Stay tuned y’all! We bout to give y’all the next…or maybe the very first…pro-peace/anti-violence viral Philly anthem!!! LET’S BUILD THESE BRIDGES PEOPLE!!!

(And here’s a looped out/super short/TEASER type snippet of the song’s hook…that Miles put together for us…a mantra if you will 😊 can’t let y’all hear anymore till it’s finished…it’s a surprise! ✊🏽). 1❤️


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Building Bridges is supported by Pennsylvania Humanities Council’s Pop-Up Grants for Cultural Producers.