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Resistance Garden: Read zines #1-4 here

As part of our Resistance Garden project, we collaborated with our partners to create zines with educational, creative, and cultural content that were distributed for free across Philadelphia gardens, libraries, and cultural centers. Now, we’re making all four zines available online, so you can access them anywhere, anytime! Click…

November 21, 2023
Education & Outreach

Resistance Garden: Recap of Wild Plants from Sovereign Lands Walking Tours

By Amalia Colón-Nava, Resistance Garden Project Manager We began with a chilly, late March, foraging walk through FDR’s meadows. A piece of land that has reverted to a marshy ecosystem largely undisturbed by development. That space is under threat of being turned into soccer fields, which Lady Danni pointed out…

June 9, 2023
Education & Outreach

Announcing the I AM ART Project: An Interview with Tierra Rich and Donnell Powell

Over a decade ago, Painted Bride launched an initiative called Rock the Pen!, a spoken word workshop for middle school and high school students to understand the power creative writing has to influence other academic disciplines, and their lives. Initially,…

August 31, 2015
Education & Outreach

Bride Next: Listening to Emerging Artists

Painted Bride Art Center was founded 46 years ago with the mission to help artists refine their creative process, build audiences, and get their voices heard. So much has happened since then—politically, socially, technologically. We thought it was time that we learn what it means to be a creative person,…

March 27, 2015