June 19, 2023—August 5, 2023
5212 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19139

Artist Statement

As an artist I try to mix fun with a little culture. I believe art is universal and boundless. It should translate across all diversities and ethnicities. I draw my inspiration from everywhere. However, history has always been my favorite go to. Childhood favorites such as the Grimm Brothers fairy tales, historic movies, and documentaries as well as television shows and animations really excite my artistic passion.

The beautiful illustrations of the past assist me in wanting to give artistic life to the current generation. When I was young, like most girls, I loved all the Disney movies and the pretty princesses. As well as the beautiful illustrations in the Grimm Brothers books and the wonderful works of art from master artists such as Alphonse Mucha and Gil Elvgren. But of course, none of these ladies looked like me. So, whenever I drew a figure, I instinctively made the females look like me.

As I got older, I decided to broaden that concept by not just creating black princesses but black women in opulence. My choice for working this way is to create a moment of epiphany for the viewer. That when people look at my work, if they are black, they see their own true majesty. And, if they are not, they see the majesty of black people.

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