Dec. 8, 7-9PM & Dec. 9, 5-7PM
5212 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19139

Doors open at 6:30PM Friday & 4:30PM Saturday

ENDoor is an autobiographical play performed by transracial adoptee and dancer, Sun-Mi Cho, and Black dyslexic poet, LindoYes. This multidisciplinary 45-minute performance explores how childhood trauma opens the door to adult trauma response behavior. The stories shed light on how complex it is for children to process and navigate the difficult terrain of trauma.

Throughout the piece, the audience is invited into the two artists lives to catch a glimpse of their formative experiences. The common and relatable themes about identity and belonging run alongside dominant, largely unchallenged narratives our society subscribes to. The play uses pop culture as a backdrop to challenge the audience’s acceptance of normalized culture and stigmatizing discourse. Endoor also probes the audience to question the extent to which children are “resilient” in the face of repeated trauma, and how coping mechanisms can be transformed into patterns of unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, but also strength.

Endoor emphasizes the power of being vulnerable and owning one’s story. While the narratives are distinct, the audience is offered a critical opportunity to see parallel themes of strength, empathy, and the importance of connection.

This piece is directed by Josh Smith, a university mental health counselor.

Refreshments will be served after the Saturday, December 9 showing.