Mar. 20 – Apr. 20, 2024
5212 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19139

Window display open: (Free to view) Mar. 20 – Apr. 20, on Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:00PM–5:00PM at the Bride (5212 Market St)

Lenape Sippu: Call Her By Her Name is a window display, soundscape, and performance (Apr. 20, 2024) that will take place in and around the West Philly neighborhood surrounding Painted Bride. It will shed light on histories of Black and Indigenous communities who have lived and worked on the southern portion of the Delaware River. Delaware River is a colonial naming of this river and Lenape Sippu is the name of this river.

Call Her By Her Name, Lenape Sippu.

The window installation by Emma White Thunder and Heidi Wiren Kebe features the words of Lenape historian and scholar Karelle Hall and archival images of Propelled Animals, Lenape Sippu, and Philadelphia. Audiences can access bARBER’s soundscape by scanning QR codes posted outside Painted Bride. Together, the window display, soundscape, and performance become a multilayered work seeking to heal our relationship with the past through its presentation of suppressed languages and overlooked histories; heal our relationship with our bodies through dance, music, and ritual; heal our relationship with the landscape by encouraging the collection of trash that might otherwise wash into the waterway. It considers how our harmful, destructive role in our ecology is a direct result of our violent histories – by decolonizing our minds and bodies can change how we live and act.

Engage with the project’s soundscape from home by clicking here.

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