Sun, Jul. 21 from 11am-1pm
5212 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19139
Free, donation accepted
Part of Matthew Armstead’s Conjuring Joy at the Bride residency: learn more here.

As we face an election year, witness ongoing genocides, and feel the tremors of a crumbling empire on top of the challenges of daily life, many of us are grappling with profound anger and exhaustion. Our voices often feel unheard, leaving us feeling depleted and frustrated. In this neighborhood, a key place during the 2020 racial justice uprising, we gather to honor and channel our collective emotions. Join us for a morning workshop that acknowledges these realities and offers practices for expressing our justified anger in healthy, embodied ways.

Together, we’ll explore techniques for releasing anger through our bodies, breath, and voices. We’ll learn to stay present with the full spectrum of emotions accompanying our anger, including grief, sadness, and the fervent desire for change. This session provides a space to honor our anger, reconnect with our lineages, and find ways to channel our emotions, even as we navigate exhaustion and frustration.

Accessibility notes:

  • Wear comfortable clothing for movement.
  • This workshop is designed for adults (18+) only. All experience levels are welcome.
  • The venue is wheelchair accessible with chairs available. We offer modifications for various mobility needs. This workshop will include loud noises. Please reach out to Communications Manager Mary (mary (at) paintedbride.org) with any specific accessibility needs.